Georgia Parole Review Summer/Fall 2019 - Page 10

Agency staff including Board Members received a presentation and training from a member of the Colorado Parole Board.

Dr. Brandon Mathews presented two workshops to staff.

"Remorse and the Impact on Decision Making" was delivered to staff including parole criminal investigators who interview inmates.

“Although our state’s parole systems are very different, the presentation provided by Dr. Mathews gives our Board more information to be able and consider when we are making parole decisions," stated Terry Barnard, Parole Board Chairman.

A second workshop on the topic of leadership was attended by managers.

"Government agencies that aren't looking for ways to improve are

Connecting with counterparts in Colorado and Tennessee


Georgia Parole Review


Georgia Commission on Family Violence

not serving taxpayers effectively. As a paroling authority, it’s important that

we engage other states to ensure we are using best practices," stated Chris

Barnett, Executive Director of the Georgia Parole Board.

A meeting with Tennessee parole staff was also initiated by the Georgia Parole Board during the summer.

Again this October, the Parole Board engaged professionals working to end family violence in Georgia.

The Georgia Commission on Family Violence (GCFV) 2019 Annual Conference was in Athens. Parole Board Member Jacqueline Bunn serves on the commission and was Conference Co-Chair. GCFV works to educate and raise awareness about family violence in Georgia.

Advocates with 25 years or more of service received special recognition at an event hosted by Board Member Bunn.

"This year's conference had a diverse group of attendees from advocates, judges, prosecutors, counselors, and law enforcement. The keynote speakers were exceptional and brought unique information that can be used by stakeholders to enhance their programs,” said Bunn.

Crystal Moon, the Parole Board’s manager of its Critical Analysis Unit,

gave an update on a collaborative project with the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) and the Georgia Department of Corrections. The project provides the Parole Board with additional case information on parole eligible female inmates who were victims of domestic violence.