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TOP TEN ENTREPRENEURS 14 "JOE IS THE EMBODIMENT OF AUTHENTIC PR AND MARKETING, WHICH IS MY OWN BIGGEST THEME. IN ESSENCE, POLISH WAS 'THOUGHT LEADERSHIP' BEFORE THE TERM HAD EVER BEEN COINED.". 5. John Paul DeJoria. “John Paul DeJoria is a true rags-to- riches story of living The American Dream,” Polish says. “He's a gracious, happy, and conscientious billionaire.” 6. Jeff Walker. Jeff Walker is creator of the Product Launch Formula, and his students and clients have made more than $500 million with the Product Launch Formula, Polish says. “He has revolutionized the way people sell online.” Jeff Walker talks about the fundamentals of a successful product launch strategy in his interview with Polish and Jackson. 7. Tony Robbins. Whether or not you’re a fan of Tony Robbin’s high energy presentation style, there’s no GENIUSNETWORK.COM denying his impact on the business and personal growth community as a catalyst for positive change. “If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided,” he says. Polish regards Robbins highly as a strategic advisor to leaders throughout the world and as a successful entrepreneur, speaker, a best- selling author, and also as a philanthropist. 8. Dina Dwyer- Owens. Sometimes referred to as “the Godmother of Franchising,” Dwyer- Owens is founder of The Dwyer Group, parent company of the Glass Doctor. In addition to her current role as executive chairman of The Dwyer Group, she has served as chairman of the International Franchise Association and also went undercover on the CBS show Undercover Boss. “Dina Dwyer-Owns lives by a great code of values, and The Dwyer Group lives by those values as well,” Polish says. “She is an all-time great leader, with franchises located around the world and more than $800 million in worldwide sales.” 9. Robin Robins. Robin Robins, based in Nashville, is one of the world’s top authorities in technology marketing and selling, and she is a top marketing consultant to IT executives. One of Polish’s favorite aspects of Robins is that she has consciously forgone the opportunity to focus her work on large organizations in favor of supporting smaller “underdog” organizations, where scrappiness, creativity and smart strategy can result in great outcomes. Robin’s marketing toolkit and resources are available at 10. Dean Graziosi. Dean Graziosi is an expert in real estate, a multiple best-selling author, and a super- sharp marketer, Polish says. Graziosi made his first real estate investment as a teenager and has counseled other investors through multiple market conditions. His opinions are often counter-intuitive, but highly researched and coupled with thorough analysis and finely honed instincts, such as his treatise on “Is Renting Really That Bad?” for Huffington Post. I am compelled by the inclusions on Polish’s list of at least a few names I haven’t considered before. I also love that coincidentally, 4 of his 10 top picks are female entrepreneurs. What are your own reactions to Polish’s inspirational picks? And who would you add to this list? - Cheryl