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TOP TEN ENTREPRENEURS I became aware of Joe Polish just this year after hearing his name come up from several of my entrepreneurial friends. Polish is a marketer and bestselling author who’s consulted many of the industry’s best: Sir Richard Branson, Body for Life’s Bill Phillips, Tim Ferriss and many more. He’s co-creator of podcast and founder of Genius Network that brings together renowned executives (including Forbes’ own Steve Forbes) every year. However, here's what interested me most as I interviewed Polish: He is the embodiment of authentic PR and marketing, which is my own biggest theme. In essence, Polish was “thought leadership” before the term had ever been coined. “I was a troubled kid – struggled with drugs, and my efforts to get past those issues pushed me towards the path of personal development,” he said in our interview. In his early 20s (circa 1990), he started a carpet cleaning business. Intuitively, he determined that sharing value-add information would be a better way to market his service than filling the airwaves with marketing hype. Well before the era of social media and online marketing he shared his messages through direct mail, recorded messages and email. He developed Education-Based Marketing tools he distributed in print, video and free recorded messages. His material included a Consumers Guide To Carpet Cleaning, with entries such as “How To Avoid Four Carpet Cleaning Rip-offs,” “8 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner,” and “7 Questions To Ask A Carpet Cleaner Before You Invite Them Into Your Home.” In short, he followed (maybe even pioneered) the Golden Rule of Content I’ve covered before: Great content provides information people need and are genuinely eager to hear. His business thrived. He quickly became the voice of marketing advice to other carpeting cleaners. So he developed marketing services for others. He opened advisory services to additional sectors. He launched podcasts. Conferences. Daily dial-in tips. From there he became a high-end consultant to many of the world’s best authorities in business (as well as at least a few of my entrepreneurial friends). You can find Joe Polish’s podcasts including and I Love Marketing on iTunes, and you can find his events and marketing resources at Today I invited Polish to share with Forbes readers a list of the top 10 inspiring (and even surprising) entrepreneurs he’s consulted and interviewed who’ve been the most personally inspiring to him. Here they are. 1. Dan Sullivan. Sullivan is co- founder and co-host with Polish on the 10XTalk. com podcast series. “Dan Sullivan has coached more successful entrepreneurs than almost anyone,” Polish says. “He’s one of the smartest entrepreneurial thinkers alive . He also has an amazing partnership with his partner in life and business, Babs Smith.” What would it take to make your business 10x larger in the future than it is today? When you learn to put each of your decisions (even your daily decisions and actions) through this filter, your business becomes much stronger, Sullivan says. 2. Arianna Huffing- ton. Arianna is a personal friend of Polish that he finds particularly inspiring, 13 he says. She was also the featured speaker at his most recent Genius Network event. “Arianna Huffington is redefining success with The Third Metric,” he says. “She’s an amazing person who is helping people all over the world see what real success means.” 3. Ron Zeller. I was particularly excited about this selection as I know Ron Zeller myself and have had the opportunity to spend time with Zeller and his wife, Mary Louise Zeller, who in her late 60s is a nine- time world champion in taekwando. Zeller is a Landmark Forum coach who has trained more than 250,000 people and is an icon for personal transformation. In 2011, Zeller was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Zeller’s interview with Joe Polish took place in a hospice center after Ron was given just a few days left to live. Today he is not only still alive, but doing well as he continues to serve as a beacon for ageless living. 4. JJ Virgin. “JJ is one of the foremost experts in fitness and nutrition, an awesome speaker, and an even more awesome human being,” Polish says. “She is internationally recognized, has worked with many celebrities, athletes, CEO's, and has appeared on television as a top nutrition expert, along with appearances on a myriad of online broadcast and radio shows.” (JJ’s information on fat- loss and nutrition is available at GENIUSNETWORK.COM