GeminiFocus October 2017 | Page 19

Figure 2. AAO is completing the build phase of its work on the GHOST Cassegrain unit, including its integral field unit (IFU). Left: The IFU subassembly enclosure (blue) and mounting frame (black) attached to the Instrument Support Structure (ISS) mounting plate (silver). Right: A detailed image of the IFUs and positioning arms. The team will test over the next two to three months to verify that requirements are met prior to shipping the slit viewer and science optical cable to Canada for integration with the spectrograph, which the NRC-H is build- ing. The Cassegrain unit will also be tested prior to shipping with the prototype optical cable to Chile for preliminary testing on the telescope. All of this work is to ensure that everything is working in preparation for the arrival of the spectrograph later in 2018. To date, the build team has submitted 74 design requirements verification reports to Gemini, all of which were accepted. — Catherine Blough October 2017 GeminiFocus 17