GeminiFocus July 2018 | Page 25

Figure 8. Screenshot of front page of the new FLAMINGOS-2 data reduction cookbook showing the table of contents and version tab, which includes a PDF formatted version. Figure 9. Maunakea Science Support Group members preparing for the next talk after a cookie break. 23 icon in the lower right corner of Figure 8). A Multi-Object Spectrograph (MOS) mode section will be added with the completion of the MOS commissioning. Also, remember that the Getting Started page has informa- tion on data reduction for all Gemini facility instruments. GeminiFocus Maunakea Science Support Group Assembles at Gemini North On April 27th, about 30 members of the Maunakea Science Support Group (open to staff at all Big Island observatories) gathered at Gemini North headquar- ters in Hilo to share their science, exchange informa- tion and ideas, and work together to solve problems that could affect all obser- vatories, regardless of size or wavelength (Figure 9). Attendees enjoyed talks that ranged from science results to software projects, to instrument upgrades. They also participated in discussion sessions that in- July 2018