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Figure 3. VLA OH maser spectra of the eastern (top) and western (bottom, offset by -4 mJy) nuclei. The vertical, dashed gray lines mark the expected, redshifted frequencies for the 1612, 1665, 1667, and 1712 MHz maser features. Two spectral features are detected at the position of the eastern nucleus, marked OH1 and OH2. OH maser sources associated with the east- ern member of the pair (Figure 3). The GMOS/IFU observations cover the in- ner ~ 6 kpc of the eastern member of IRAS F23199+0123 (IRAS F23199E) at a spatial resolution of 2.3 kpc. The data allowed us to discover that IRAS F23199E shows a Seyfert 1 active nucleus. This was only possible due to the better quality of the Gemini data as compared to previous spectra; this allowed the detection of a nuclear, spatially unre- solved, broad double-peaked component in the H-alpha emission line with Full-Width at Half-Maximum of ~ 2,200 km/s (Figure 4). From these data we derive a black hole mass of M {BH} = 3.8 {+0.3}_{-0.2}  × 10 6 M . b The gas velocity field of IRAS F23199E shows a disturbed rotation pattern with the line of the nodes oriented along position angle 95º. We fitted this velocity field by a thin rotat- ing disk model. The residuals between the observed and modeled velocities combined with the velocity dispersion maps suggest the presence of non-circular motions, possi- bly due to outflows from the nucleus along the north-south direction (blueshifts seen in the residual map of Figure 5) and inflows towards the nucleus and its vicinity (redshifts close to the nucleus observed in the residual map of Figure 5). The gas kinematics also show low velocity dispersions (σ) and low [N II]/H-alpha ratios Figure 4. Fit of the nuclear spectrum (within 0.8 arcsecond) of the IRAS F23199E nucleus, which comprises the H-alpha+[NII] complex. The observed profile is shown in black, while the blue dotted lines represent the broad and narrow components. The red line is the result of the fit, and the green dotted line shows the residual of the fit plus an arbitrary constant. 8 GeminiFocus July 2018