GeminiFocus July 2017 | Page 21

Gemini staff contributions News for Users Technicians address several key instrument issues during the April FLAMINGOS-2 (F-2) maintenance stand-down, while adverse weather continues to wallop Gemini South. We note that all new installations of Gemini’s data processing software be performed using Astroconda. A new version of GMMPS is now available to support both the new GMOS-N and F-2 detector arrays, and Gemini introduces its new GMOS WaveMapper tool, which predicts accurately where a certain wavelength will fall on the GMOS detector. F-2 Stand-down Completed FLAMINGOS-2 was removed from the telescope on April 4th for its annual maintenance stand-down. One imminent problem affecting operations: a filter wheel failure forced us to move the stand-down forward from its original schedule. With the instrument in the lab, we took the opportunity to resolve other instrument issues (Figure 1), including the outstanding problem with the On-Instrument Wavefront Sensor. During previous interventions, we in- spected and improved the base mechanism; this time we inspected the pick-off drive mech- anism and replaced its motor. While the instrument was still open, we also installed several new K-band filters. As a pre- ventive measure, and ac- cording to the mainte- nance scheme, several cryogenic motors were re- placed as well. After nearly three weeks of hard work, we successfully pumped, cooled down, and installed the instrument back on the telescope. July 2017 GeminiFocus Figure 1. Several instrument fixes were made during the annual FLAMINGOS-2 maintenance stand-down, including those shown here. Left: K-band filters installation. Center: New pick-off motor under torque testing. Right: Cryogenic motors replacement. Photo credits: Left and Right, Brian Chinn; Middle, Gabriel Perez 19