GeminiFocus January 2019 - Page 22

spectra using DRAGRACES and OPERA (ex- tracted spectra are distributed by the Gem- ini Observatory Archive) before performing a detailed analysis. (Disclaimer: DRAGRACES is not a pipeline supported by the Gemini Observatory, and is therefore not required to follow the maintenance and testing stan- dards. Visit the GRACES Data Reduction web- page for details.) Join Gemini Staff at the January AAS Meeting in Seattle Gemini Observatory and its partners will have many events at the 233rd American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting in Se- attle, Washington, January 6-10, 2019 (www. If you are at the AAS, please join us for the annual Gemini Observatory Open House on Tuesday, January 8th, from 5:30-6:30 p.m., in Room 305 of the Washington State Con- vention Center. We’ll provide an overview of current activities and let you know how you can become involved in the ongoing devel- opments at Gemini. It has become a new tradition to offer per- sonalized help at the Gemini booth at AAS winter meetings. If you have Gemini data, an active program, or even a vague project idea, come visit the Gemini booth any time during Exhibit Hall hours. You can also book an appointment in advance by emailing [email protected] Room 305), the Gemini Open House (Tues- day, January 8th, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Room 305), and the Gemini Workshop on science with SCORPIO (Wednesday, January 9th, 2:00- 3:30 p.m., Room 310). Finally, we will be distributing the base decks of the new Gemini Card Game at the Gemini booth (see next story). Get Ready for the Gemini Card Game! Gemini is creating an original card game with unique designs and challenging game- play (release planned for January 2019). The Gemini Card Game is a cooperative game for two to four players who work to- gether to complete the required number of Band-1 programs, and as many additional programs as possible, in 12 rounds (i.e., a se- mester) — all while avoiding loss of all their Reputation Points resulting in loss of fund- ing and losing the game. We will distribute the 90-card basic deck at the following annual, national, or Gemini user meetings: AAS 233, 233, K-GMT 2019, CASCA 2019, and LARIM 2019. Make sure to find our booth to get yours! Complete rules can be found here. Do you have something to contribute to the Gemini Card Game? Share your ideas, sug- gestions, comments, questions, experiences, etc. on the GCG Forum. Also at the AAS meet- ing don’t miss the National Optical As- tronomy Observatory US National Gemini Office mini-workshop on high-resolution spectroscopy at Gem- ini (Tuesday, January 8th, 2:00-3:30 p.m., 20 GeminiFocus January 2019