GeminiFocus January 2019 | Page 19

has gone very well, thanks to the diligence and care that the instrument team have put into the design and construction, and the excellent support we have received from the Gemini engineering staff. We achieved first light on the same day as installation (Figure 4), and spent a few hours over the ensuing evenings verifying that the software behaved as expected, and that the atmospheric dispersion correction and guid- ing met specifications. Based on the success of the Front End (Figure 5), we are looking forward to the arrival of the spectrograph it- self in early 2019. Watch this space for more news in the next few months! Figure 4. Celebrating first light with the MAROON-X Front End. From left to right: Gemini senior instrumentation engineer John White, Gemini Instrument and user support scientist Alison Peck, and University of Chicago representatives Julian Stuermer and Andreas Seifahrt. Credit: Siyi Xu, Gemini Observatory Figure 5. Posing with the MAROON-X Front End, now installed on Gemini North. Left to right: Gemini mechanical technician Cy Bagano, electronic and instrumentation technician Eduardo Tapia, day crew member Harlan Uehara, Andreas, Julian, Gemini assistant astronomer Siyi Xu, and Alison. Credit: John White, Gemini Observatory January 2019 GeminiFocus 17