GeminiFocus January 2019 | Page 15

Gemini staff contributions On the Horizon Several exciting milestones for a variety of upcoming and visiting instruments were realized in late 2018. Gemini will be hosting an Open House and several other events at the 233rd annual American Astronomical Society Meeting. A contract has been finalized to return integral field unit capabilities to GNIRS. And progress continues with two visiting instruments: the GIRMOS project got underway with a Kick-Off Meeting in Toronto, Canada; and MAROON-X’s Front End recently arrived in Hawai‘i, where it underwent successful on-sky commissioning. GEMMA: Leading in the Era of Multi-Messenger and Time-Domain Astronomy With the recent announcement of the National Sci- ence Foundation (NSF) award, Gemini in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy (GEMMA), work is ramping up to produce the exciting deliverables promised over the next five years. GEMMA updates will be a regular feature in this column for the dura- tion of the program. The goals of GEMMA are broad and encompass di- verse capabilities for Gemini – from instrumentation, real time software and data reduction pipelines, to public communications. The primary instrumentation capability envisioned with GEMMA is a new state-of-the-art multi-conjugate adaptive optics system for Gemini North called GNAO. Additional details on the GEMMA program can be found in this issue’s Director’s Message starting on page 1 of this issue. January 2019 GeminiFocus Figure 1. The GEMMA logo incorporates an ancient astronomical instrument known as Gemma’s rings. 13