GeminiFocus January 2018 - Page 31

Gemini Deputy Director Henry Roe (bearded, in background), joins others in a photo with the three winners of the 2017 Astronomical Costume Contest, at the Gemini South Base Facility in La Serena. Science Operations Specialist Manuel Gomez explains features of the Gemini South telescope to a capacity crowd at the colegio Maria Educa in La Serena. Gemini South Starlab Operator Dalma Valenzuela leads a classroom workshop about how to identify the most popular constellations in the night sky at the Carlos Condell school in La Serena. Fernanda Urrutia explains the importance of women in science and astronomy, during the Mateada Astronómica “tea-time” at the Christ School in La Serena. January 2018 GeminiFocus 29