GeminiFocus January 2018 | Page 30

Viaje activities also extended beyond the week-long classroom visits in October. One such event was a Career Panel for over 200 students at the Centro Cultural Palace in Coquimbo; The panelists represented a broad spectrum of inspired scientists, engineers, and technicians, who endeavored to motivate the students into science and astronomy careers. The photos on the following pages show the fun and privilege we had in sharing our knowledge. Manuel Paredes is the Communications Coordinator at Gemini South. He can be reached at: [email protected] Gemini South Public Information Office Staff member Fernanda Urrutia (kneeling at center) posing with the participants of the Mateada Astronómica — an initiative boost by Gemini South during Viaje al Universo to promote women into STEM careers. CTIO Education and Public Outreach officer Juan Seguel (above left) offered a spectroscopy workshop for high school students at the Liceo Fernando Bingvinat, in Coquimbo. The students learned several aspects of spectroscopy, including light’s properties using a diffraction grating (above right), while one student used his mobile phone to image a display of the visible spectrum (left). 28 GeminiFocus January 2018