GeminiFocus January 2018 | Page 25

ing, these data are windowed, covering only the central 256 x 256 pixels (18.5”) of the 1-k square array; however, the technique should also work over the full field. ‘Alopeke commissioning is not quite com- plete at this point due to a manufacturing problem in one of the cameras. However, we expect it to figure into Gemini’s offer- ings over the coming semesters. We will post updates on its performance as this be- comes clear. Interested Principal Investiga- tors should consult the ‘Alopeke web pages and contact Steve Howell, Principal Investi- gator for the Gemini Speckle program, for for more details on its capabilities. Science and Evolution of Gemini As this issue goes to press, early registra- tion opens (on January 4 th ) for the Science and Evolution of Gemini Observatory 2018 conference. This meeting is scheduled for July 22-26 and features San Francisco’s his- toric Fisherman’s Wharf as a backdrop. Learn more about this exciting opportunity to be a part of Gemini’s future by visiting the confer- ence website. January 2018 GeminiFocus 23