GeminiFocus January 2018 | Page 15

Gemini staff contributions On the Horizon The GHOST Team is testing the assembled Cassegrain unit. OCTOCAM moves into the Preliminary Design Stage. And Gemini successfully commissions Gemini South’s new laser guide star facility. GHOST Cassegrain Unit Fully Assembled The build of the GHOST Cassegrain unit is nearly complete. In November, Gemini staff participated in weighing and inspecting the fully assembled unit at the Australian Observatory (AAO) lab in North Ryde, New South Wales. The unit is currently on its way to Chile. In December, Gemini representatives spent a week at the AAO testing the Integral Field Unit (IFU) positioner and verifying the assembly and opera- tion of the electronics and software of the Cassegrain unit. Following over four days of inspections, tests, and demonstrations, the positioner, elec- tronics, and software were accepted for shipment to Gemini South. The electronics unit is expected to be shipped to Chile by year’s end where the team will begin preliminary testing and debugging on the telescope in late January. — Cathy Blough OCTOCAM Starts Its Preliminary Design Stage OCTOCAM, a wide-band medium-resolution spectrograph and imager, and the Observa- tory’s next-facility-class instrument for Gemini South, has entered its Preliminary Design Stage. Project members met for the Preliminary Design Kickoff meeting on October 17, 2017, at the lead contractor’s location: the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in San An- tonio, Texas. They used this opportunity to hold technical interchange meetings (optical, mechanical, electrical, and operations) to review the progress made against the Critical Design Review recommendations. Figure 1. AAO staff Vlad Churilov (left) and Lew Waller (right) steady the fully assembled GHOST Cassegrain unit as it is lowered onto load cells for mass and center of gravity measurements. Gemini’s Gabriel Perez is in the background inputting the load cell data to calculate the center of gravity. Credit: David Henderson On December 11th, SwRI and the Gemini Observatory appointed Project Scientist Alex- ander van der Horst of The George Washington University as the Interim Principal Inves- tigator (PI) for the instrument. This appointment follows the departure of the Institute de January 2018 GeminiFocus 13