GeminiFocus April 2019 - Page 24

Figure 1. Figure 2. A mother helps her kids Families took advantage of AstrodayChile’s special solar- viewing event to learn how to safely observe the total solar eclipse on July 2nd in the Region of Coquimbo. inject air into a water rocket for an amazing lift off! This workshop was the one most preferred by children and adults during AstroDay Chile. Figure 3. After sunset, many participants formed lines to see the Moon and stars through telescopes supplied by local amateur astronomers and the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory. Through their kindness and help, AstroDay fulfilled its promise to share the wonders of the Universe. Figure 4. AstroDay Chile was a good venue for the AURA staff to work together in outreach activities. Seen here, from left to right, Gemini Electronics Engineer Vanessa Montes, and Kathy Vivas and Cesar Briceño (both astronomers from Cerro Tololo Inte-American Observatory, interact with the public to explain the science and technologies that AURA centers currently apply in Chile. Figure 5. The Gemini/AURA booth was one of the most visited, thanks to the help of the kids from the Gemini Robotics Club. They in turn explained to children how robotics can be used to control remote systems, such as the one that controls the Base Facility Operations at Gemini South. Credit: All photos on this page by Manuel Paredes 22 GeminiFocus April 2019