GeminiFocus April 2019 - Page 18

Gemini staff contributions News for Users Register now for International Astronomical Union Symposium 357; advisory group meets twice to help develop plans for Gemini’s future in the era of multi-messenger and time- domain astronomy; laser guide star observing is now available at Gemini North throughout the semester; development of the Next Generation Natural Guide Star sensor for GeMS has achieved a major milestone; we take stock of program completion statistics for Semester 2018B; and Gemini North stands tough against severe winter winds. Registration is Open for IAU Symposium 357 Registration is now open for International Astronomical Union (IAU) Symposium 357: White Dwarfs as Probes of Fundamental Physics and Tracers of Planetary, Stellar and Ga- lactic Evolution, which will be held in Hilo, Hawai’i, from October 21-25, 2019. Full details, and a link to the registration site, can be found on the conference website. The deadline for registration is June 30, 2019. Space is limited so please register early. Applications for travel grants are also now open. Please note the earlier deadline of May 31, 2019, to allow processing and approval by the IAU. GEMMA-TDA Advisory Group Assembled Guided by a Gemini Science and Technology Advisory Committee action regarding time- domain astronomy (TDA) and multi-messenger follow-up, we have assembled a represen- tative team of astronomers from across the Partnership to advise us on our developing plan for TDA. This advisory group, chaired by Abhijit Saha of the National Optical Astrono- my Observatory (NOAO), has had two meetings as of early March. 16 GeminiFocus April 2019