GeminiFocus April 2019 - Page 15

Gemini staff contributions On the Horizon GEMMA is making progress on several fronts; visiting instrument MAROON-X may complete commissioning in time for the 2020A Call for Proposals; GHOST successfully completes its second round of on-sky testing, including its interoperability with the Observatory Control System; and SCORPIO is being readied for its Critical Design Review. GEMMA’s Out of the Gate In the new year, the Gemini in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy (GEMMA) program is off to a good start. Gemini North Adaptive Optics (GNAO) Principal Investigator Gaetano Sivo formed an external Gemini AO working group to provide community experience and expertise regarding the Observatory’s AO program, including developing science cases, technical recommendations, and best practices. The Real Time Computer project is per- forming some technology trade studies and considering whether some components can be designed and built in-house. The time-domain astronomy (TDA) project is also moving along, convening a working group to review user stories related to the concept of operations. In addition, Public Information and Outreach plans to hold a Time-Domain Astronomy Summit later this year; the goal is to bring together scientists and communications and education professionals to create a road- map on how to communicate the concepts of MMA and TDA to non-scientists. The program continues to define short- and long-term benefits of the individual projects to the future of Observatory operations and the astronomy community. Dave Palmer has joined the team to work as Project Manager for both the GNAO and RTC GEMMA efforts. He will be working April 2019 GeminiFocus 13