GeminiFocus April 2019 | Page 25

Journey Through the Universe: Hawai‘i 2019 The 15th year of Journey Through the Universe, Gemini Observatory’s flagship education and outreach program, brought astronomy professionals from Maunakea and across the nation into Hawai’i island classrooms, visit- ing thousands of students — one classroom at a time. The diverse group of astronomers, scientists, engineers, and informal educators provided an authentic and personal window into the process of scientific discovery and the splendors of our Universe. Figure 5. Hilo-Waiākea and Ka’ū-Kea’au-Pāhoa Complex Area Superintendent Chad Farias speaks about the success of Journey in the community and its future. Credit (all Journey photos): Joy Pollard During Journey “week,” which began on March 2nd, 80 astronomy educators shared their pas- sion for science with approximately 8,000 stu- dents. Journey as a year-round program also includes StarLab Portable Planetarium shows for grades K-1, career panel presentations for high schoolers, astronomy educator work- shops, Lunar and Meteorite Sample Certifica- tion workshops hosted by NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute team, Family Science Night, and a public presenta- tion on recent discoveries from the telescopes on Maunakea. Updates on what Journey is accomplishing in the community can be viewed here. Figure 6. Two students learn about robotics provided by the Hawai'i Science and Technology Museum at Journey's Family Science Night. Alyssa Grace is an Outreach Assistant at Gemini North. She can be reached at: [email protected] Figure 7. Science Operations Specialist, Jocelyn Ferrara (far left) uses an 8-meter tarp in the classroom to model the size of the primary mirror in the twin Gemini telescopes. April 2019 GeminiFocus 23