GeminiFocus April 2018 - Page 25

AstroDay Chile 2018 More than 3,000 participants enjoyed the activities and exhibitions featured during As- troDay Chile 2018 in mid-March. Coordinated by Gemini South’s Public Information Office, the event includes the Association of Univer- sities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) and the Municipality of La Serena as key partners. This year, staff from all of the major profes- sional observatories and tourist facilities from the Coquimbo Region converged at the Seminario Conciliar School of La Serena, Chile, for a day of astronomical fun. Students, families, and other members of the public joined in a wide-variety of activi- ties — ranging from science workshops, lec- tures, and 3D cinema, to the launching of water rockets and public stargazing, among other events. Public participation in this cel- ebration of astronomy far exceeded our ex- pectations. The images illustrate some of the activities …and the fun we had. Thanks to everyone who shared their time and passion for astronomy, especially with the kids and their families. Top: Gemini Information Systems Engineer Eduardo Toro explains the features of Gemini’s Base Facility Operations, using a small robotics kit at the Gemini booth during AstroDay Chile 2018. Janice Harvey is the Outreach Specialist at Gemini North. She can be reached at: [email protected] Manuel Paredes is the Communications Coor- dinator at Gemini South. He can be reached at: [email protected] Middle: Rodrigo Zelada, North Optics company owner, paying attention to his telescope’s solar filter, while a group of students enjoy observing the Sun. Children participating in a spectroscopy workshop (offered by Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory’s Outreach Coordinator Juan Seguel) use handheld spectroscopes to learn about the properties of light. April 2018 GeminiFocus 23