GeminiFocus April 2018 | Page 24

Below: UCLA Astronomy PhD student (and Hilo High alumnus!) Devin Chu shares his thoughts on the positive impact of the Journey program on his career choices. Left: Gemini Observatory Journey Team Leader Janice Harvey and Keone Farias, Superintendent of the Hilo/Waiākea & Ka‘ū-Kea‘au-Pāhoa Complex Areas. Above: Gemini Public Information and Outreach intern Hannah Blomgren (right, standing) takes students on a journey back in time with a timeline of the Universe. Above: Gemini Science Operations Specialist Jocelyn Ferrera (far left, edge) and Gemini Science Fellow Matt Taylor (left, pointing) instruct students on where to stand to construct constellations. The exercise demonstrates how perspective affects the way see star patterns from Earth. Gemini Safety Manager John Vierra (center, back) has eager students line up to demonstrate the order of planets in our Solar System. 22 GeminiFocus April 2018