GDC Journal_Jan 2023 | Page 3

Welcome to the GDC Journal , formerly known as Impact Georgia Magazine . In this edition , the Georgia Department of Corrections ( GDC ) shares insights into the Inmate Services Programs that enhance the lives of offenders and prepares them for reentry . Also , throughout this edition , we provide you with a glimpse into facilities and other offices across the state through interactive videos and photos .
Take a look into the Animal Care Programs that benefit not only humans but also creatures with paws and wings !
The GDC Journal highlights superior staff and a new CO training program for Emergency Medical Technicians ( EMTs ).
Did you know GDC offers programs in Braille Certifications ? The Braille transcribing program is located at many facilities and teaches offenders how to create literature and textbooks in braille for children and adults who are visually impaired . Read more about it in this issue !
Other stories in this issue include highlights of contraband interdiction , growing our team , and selfless staff giving back to our communities .
We hope you enjoy our redesigned agency magazine . Be sure to follow us on social media to stay in the know about the GDC .
January 2023 | GDC Journal 3