GCVF 2019 Conference 2019 Conference Manual Draft | Page 18

Timothy Ellenberger, Teri Hyman, Kenneth Shultz, and Jennifer Wells This workshop will continue the presentation and discussions from the keynote on creating a community response to hold offenders accountable and providing services for victims. Partners from the High Point North Carolina Collaborative will explore best practices and who needs to be involved in a comprehensive response to intimate partner violence in your community. Olympia 2  Linking Concussions and Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Maria Chininis and Kristin Crea This workshop will clearly define the signs and symptoms of a concussion and link how these signs and symptoms often mimic what happens to victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. Presenters will discuss research currently being done and how this clearly shows the link and the need for more education and awareness. The workshop will include discussion of the Concussion Institute of Gwinnett Medical Center in Duluth’s patient care via telemedicine appointments and in office appointments, and their development of patient medical care plans designed to support survivors as they navigate the justice system for support. The workshop will equip all stakeholders with the knowledge to assist survivors as they recover from this injury and navigate their path to recovery from a concussion. Parthenon 1  Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence Clemency Project  Angela Grant, Crystal L. Moon, Shenna Morris The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Clemency Project is a collaboration between several organizations to provide post-conviction relief to battered women incarcerated in Georgia’s prisons. Offenders who are serving a sentence for committing a crime against an intimate partner or who are serving a sentence for committing a crime under the direction of their intimate partner, and who are also parole eligible are candidates for the Clemency Project. The initial work has been focused on influencing the decisions of the parole board when considering these women for parole by bringing forth evidence of their abuse that may not have been revealed during their trials. This includes surveying and interviewing incarcerated females at two of Georgia’s prisons. Parthenon 2  Children's Camps for Child Survivors of Domestic Violence Panel  Michelle Goodloe,Terri Powe, Lane Pease, Hope Rosenlund, Deana Porter This workshop will provide attendees with guidance on how to develop helpful solutions to support the child and familial survivors of domestic violence homicide/murder-suicide in their respective communities. Experiencing the loss of a parent to domestic violence homicide, suicide and/or incarceration in childhood is a traumatic, confusing and complicated process for the surviving children and families. As panel participants, Michelle Goodloe, Child & Youth Project Manager with The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Terri Powe, the Support for Survivors of Murder-Suicide Coordinator for the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, will discuss what supports child survivors need during their time of grief from surviving this traumatic loss.     17