GCVF 2019 Conference 2019 Conference Manual Draft | Page 16

and modification (adjustment) of an existing court order. This workshop also focuses on DCSS outreach programs such as Parental Accountability Court, Fatherhood, Child Access and Visitation and Prison Re-entry. This session includes an overview of the purpose of outreach programs and recognizing the impact they have on DCSS. Parthenon 1 Providing Competent Care to LGBTQ Survivors Kacey Long LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) survivors encounter additional barriers when seeking services after a trauma, ultimately resulting in many choosing to not report or seek help at all. LGBTQ persons are at significantly greater risk of experiencing sexual violence, but many report that they never seek services from hospitals, police, or shelters for fear of discrimination and invalidation. Within this workshop, we will define common language and terms, identify specific barriers unique to LGBTQ survivors (fear of discrimination, absence of legal protections, etc.), and discuss how intersectional identities impact LGBTQ survivors and their access to reporting and competent services. The workshop facilitator will provide specific examples of ways to remove barriers within your agency, explain specific programs that have been implemented at the Cottage, and discuss how to ensure agency staff is equipped with the knowledge and resources to serve these populations. Parthenon 2 FVIP Rules: Part II  Meredith Stepp, Jameelah Ferrell and Jenny Aszman Come learn about the new rules for Family Violence Intervention Programs (FVIPs)! After 15 years, the Department of Community Supervision and the Georgia Commission on Family Violence approved new standards for FVIPs, which became effective on January 1, 2019. This workshop will provide an overview of the updates to the FVIP Rules with a special focus on updates to class procedures, form requirements, recordkeeping requirements, and enforcement actions. Part two will explore the class requirements, compliance and enforcement actions. ​ Certified FVIP Facilitators who attend both workshops will fulfill the requirement for three hours for Commission-provided training on the rules.         15