GAZELLE WEST Volume 1, Issue 1 | Page 65

ENTREPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM Local mom solves common dilemma By VICKI BENNINGTON 2 Inventions have nearly always been born of necessity. Cases in point - the wheel was inspired by the need to haul tools and rocks; a stove was created to cook food without getting burned by an open fire; foundation – to smooth and improve the complexion. And in 2013, Glen Carbon, Illinois resident Erica Harriss came up with an idea that solves the problem of root “grow out” and oily hair. Around 75 percent of American women color their hair. So a lot of us have had those weeks when we know we need a touch-up, but we are overloaded at work; have a hot date; or the children have a soccer game. Somehow, the appointment is not made. Then when we do call, the stylist is booked for the next two weeks. So now what? There’s a party on Saturday night, and you see a few gray hairs in your part, or there’s new growth that simply doesn’t match. Erica face