GAZELLE WEST Volume 1, Issue 1 | Page 63

CAREER & MONEY experience these desires. They just don’t always factor them into the home-buying decisions (or maybe can’t afford to). Selling high-end homes is not about finding buyers. Here are a few tips on how to find THE buyer: High-end photography is a must. You must hire a professional photographer who uses a wide-angle lens. Yes, it could cost a lot of money. But if you are working with an agent that doesn’t invest a few hundred bucks into professional photos on a listing that may generate a potential commission of $25,000, you should probably find a new agent. In the property description, make sure your agent does NOT just describe the features of the home, but tells a story about the benefits of owning it, why the characteristics are desirable, and how the buyer’s life will improve once they purchase the home. Create targeted buzz so everyone is talking about your house. What should a real estate agent do to make that happen? she doesn’t just “hang out” for 1 Hopefully, he orpotential buyers show up. Turn atwo hours on a Sunday, hoping luxury-home open hou ͔