GAZELLE MAGAZINE Volume 2, Issue 1 | Page 59

COMMUNITY & CULTURE 1 Carol Swartout Klein 2 1 Painters of all ages took to the streets of Ferguson and Dellwood, Missouri, covering the plywood boards on broken windows with encouraging works of art. Photos courtesy of Rubin Roche 2 Snappy’s Family Restaurant proclaimed ‘One Love’ on the boards that covered twenty-five of its twenty-seven windows. Photo courtesy of Dan Duncan children’s 3 Painting for Peace in Ferguson, ahelps book by Carol Swartout Klein children deal with unrest that happened in and around the city in 2014. 3 restaurant El Palenque and 4 MexicanWorld, two of many businesses Beauty included in artistic efforts in Ferguson. Photos courtesy of Ryan Archer City Hall is brightened up with 5 Fergusonpaintings covering the plywood colorful boards that masked broken windows. Photo courtesy of Michael Kilfoy 4 59 We’ll reach out to each other As we work side by side And love one another Both in and out-side 5 -Excerpt from Painting for Peace in Ferguson SAVVY I SOPHISTICATED I SASSY