GANGA 58th Issue

Newsletter No . 58 ; IRBMS ; November , 2016
Anupam Mishra ( 1948-2016 )
On 19 th December 2016 morning Anupam Mishra known to all as Anupamji passed away at AIIMS , New Delhi at the age of 68 . An era has ended with him . Many a times the impact of the incident is much bigger than the published news . Anupamji ’ s sudden dimise is one such incident at the time when Indian society is transfoming rapidly . As expected to the so called urban mainstream society it was another news and it remain aloof , indifferent but to many faceless people of this ancient land . It is an unimaginable loss . Gopalkrishna Gandhi rightly describe him as an intellectual without a trace of snobbery , an activist who
was never judgemental about others actions . A remarkable scholar , a true Gandhian who is extremely relevant to this modern market driven time . He was , unassuming , simple , firm with Gandhian values a true Indian without the hollow of pride . He was embodiment of the Indian traditional wisdom resolutely challenging the mindless , heartless modern urban consumerist society . There will be very few left now who has the ability and scholarship to counter the power hungry , destructive social paradigm of present day India . To some people he was an ecologist per excellence or an extraordinary
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