GameChangers_BusinessIssue Volume 5 Issue 25 - Page 33

Brothers can be bonded by more than blood .
With these young men that is absolutely the reality of their relationship . Gestures of their solidarity is evident in everything they do . From sports , school , projects , birthdays , and entrepreneurship .
Brotherhood is a Visual Depiction of The Beauty of Brotherly Love set in one of the best fashion periods in history . As brothers , together you can be prepared to face many tough choices that will shape you as you unravel the secrets of the world around you . Discussions about advocating for social change and how it affects young men of color are also at the core of the photoshoot .
This visual depiction was unique in that , In effort to pour into these young black teenagers two sisters crafted an homage to friendships unlike any other , built out of respect and love , will always have each others backs .
Together with 2 black photographers , 2 Sisters & 2 Brothers recreated timeless art that will be spoken about generations to come .