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Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach , S . A . K Treatment is committed to improving the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of Substances abuse and lessening the adverse impact on their families , and society . We provide a supportive staff of certified professionals who demonstrate integrity and the highest standards of ethical practice in our organization . Taking responsibility for their actions and obligations , as a treatment provider by engaging in open and honest communication , fairness and equitable treatment to every client , family member and everyone with whom we interact .
With the COVID-19 pandemic most users aren ’ t going out to party or socialize and now tend to drink or use more at home due to boredom or simply dealing with personal and financial matters . What effect does that play now vs getting behind the wheel trying to make it home from a good night ?
Covid-19 Pandemic has exacerbated challenges for millions of adults , and teens especially those with substance abuse disorders . We all have been challenged to adjust to a “ new normal ” our lives have been disrupted in all areas , social and economic stressor , loss of loved ones has placed individuals with substance abuse disorders at a heightened risk of relapsing and possible overdose . It becomes increasingly risky for those with addictions , who are home alone and yes , many are more apt to make that “ high risk ” choice and abuse drugs more . Being home provides them with a sense of comfortability or safety net . Being home there is no fear of auto accidents , being stopped by the police for driving irately , falling asleep at the wheel , they feel no restraints , they are in the comfort of their own home . So , they tend to abuse more which can have serious health implications , for example alcohol poisoning , especially if they are mixing other illicit drugs such as “ Cocaine ” which could create a serious health issue . Mixing Alcohol and Cocaine for example could produce a sustained “ euphoria ” effect for the substance abuser , the substances form a very unique substance known as the Coca ethylene Effect . Result of the substances being metabolized in the liver causing an increased powerful effect that Alcohol or Cocaine alone could not produce , which could possibly lead to a stroke or heart attack .
What are some of the resources for those that are thinking about relapsing , one can use as a source of support ?
There are many resource centers available for individuals suffering with addictions , thankfully there is no need to feel you are alone in your struggle . Henry County has several resources available for individuals needing support . McIntosh Trail is an excellent source offering a number of services , under the Leadership of Director Amy Kuhns also the Community Bible Church in Stockbridge – offers Celebrate Recovery , which meets on Thursdays . One of our Counselors attended one of their numerous breakout group sessions . He was thoroughly impressed we have referred individuals to both centers . National Hotlines which operate 24 / 7 , 365 with trained staff to listen and talk with individuals experiencing relapse or suicidal thoughts . S . A . K . has an office cell which our DUI / DRUG court participants can call if they need to talk after hours . Additionally , we teach them coping techniques , breathing exercises and other forms of relaxation they can use at home . We encourage our clients to journal when they have identified their triggers , the day / time / what they were doing / where they were / who was with them / or if they were alone , journaling is an excellent tool to chart and reference your reactions .
How can family members help those that are suffering without pushing them away and give support ?
Nothing is more important to an abuser ’ s recovery than having a positive support system , people who will encourage you during the tough times . Remember the addict has a disease , it doesn ’ t mean they did not have good family dynamics , values , it means you have a person / s who has a disease do not threaten , lay blame on , nag , embarrass , bring up past or present mistakes . It doesn ’ t mean they don ’ t love their family and friends , so don ’ t lay guilt trips on the addict , this creates more stress and negative feelings which again be careful not to give the addict an excuse to continue abusing . As a support system , you must be cognizant of the fact you are dealing with an addict , manipulation is something they do well . Do not allow yourself to be exploited by idol promises of cutting back monitor what the addict does not what he / she says . Do not allow yourself to be manipulated into being a “ Cash App ” ATM . Don ’ t hide their drugs as they will only find them or buy some more . Your talks must be positive , open in your discussion , not placing blame , not judging , instead encouraging but not being an enabler .
We encourage our participants to make themselves a list of Supporters , a Support System , people who are not abusers , keep their names and phone numbers accessible . As a support system you must be Honest with the Abuser . Set limits which must be adhered to , also be prepared to enforce those stipulations should they be disregarded . Additionally , many workplaces being aware of increased Substance Abuse , sponsor ( EAP ) program , Employee Assistance Programs which allows their employees to participate in short-term counseling and / or assistance programs , some employers paying for their employees to enroll in a treatment program .
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