GameChangers_BusinessIssue Volume 5 Issue 25 | Page 43



In response to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery ,

some Georgia lawmakers have made strides in introducing legislation that could prevent future similar tragedies .
On February 23 , 2020 , Ahmaud Marquez Arbery , an unarmed 25-year-old African American man was fatally shot near Brunswick in Glynn County , Georgia . Chased by multiple individuals claiming they were attempting to make a citizen ’ s arrest of a burglary suspect in an unprovoked attack . Arbery was shot trying to escape from his attackers . Even though Arbery was known to jog his neighborhood on a regular basis .
“ It is a repeal of Georgia ’ s outdated late 1800 Bill . If this bill had been in place , possibly Ahmaud would be alive today . The individuals from Brunswick that murdered him used this as an excuse claiming that they were performing a citizen ’ s arrest ” says Rep . Carl Gilliard of Savannah . Using Arbery ’ s and other examples of “ frontier justice ” “ citizen arrests ” that have been used in several high profile murders of unarmed African Americans for the reasons the Bill needs to be repealed he states “ Trayvon Martin might be alive — and the list goes on .”
For African Americans , this struggle is not new . In fact , it is quite the contrary and has only been brought to light to the masses with the technology of social media .
With protestors in the streets demanding change , many would consider this legislative action a step in the direction of progress .