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some durable medical equipment . The amount that the beneficiary receives varies from plan to plan and are usually ordered monthly or quarterly . Keep in mind that these are benefits that come with most plans and there is no additional cost . To see if your plan includes this and any of the other benefits that we will discuss , just contact the GEL Health Advisor of your choice
Medical and Non Medical Transportation : Some plans cover medical transportation to and from the doctor , pharmacy , fitness center , therapy center , etc .
With the growing demand for transportation and meal delivery services , some Advantage plans will now cover transportation services , such as Lyft and Uber . This will help beneficiaries get to doctors ’ appointments , fitness centers , or pick up prescriptions , hair salon and grocery stores .
Keeping with our theme , a long-term care Clone , it ’ s just that a clone . If you have a LongTerm care plan or want more information on LongTerm care plans , we will be happy to custom design one for you here at GEL Health Advisors .
One of the best ways to reduce expenses is by focusing on prevention before treatment . We know the old saying , “ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure . Having regular check-ups can help discover problems can prevent major problems .
Consider adding a Hospital Cash or Short-term Care plan to your Health Insurance program .
64 and Below : For our below 65 clients , we stress using as many of the 74 Preventive services that are included with their Health Insurance plan . This will create a head start on a healthier lifestyle . In addition we demonstrate that a change in lifestyle delay the chances of poor health while at the same time an adjustment in vocations help save on the cost of health insurance and increase their bottomline .
Life Insurance : When we recommend Life Insurance , we always recommend like insurance with health benefits and financial goals .
We invite you to join our website , Facebook ,, YouTube channel and school . We are available to speak in group or individual settings – Zoom and soon in person . You can see and read more about us on our website : GELhealthAdvisors . com ; Facebook . com / gel health advisors ; YouTube . com / gelhealthadvisors- https :// youtube . com / channel / UCeSI51KtQcNt9y0E9z2eoiw ; GELinsuranceSchool . com . Clients can always call or text us at 817-381-1500 .