GameChangers_BusinessIssue Volume 5 Issue 25 | Page 23

He says that approaching each year as if it ’ s his first one helps keep him going .

In fact , he loved dancing so much that his parents thought enough of his skills to invest in their son ’ s talent , so they sent him to dancing school . And at the age of 16 he received a scholarship for his dancing ability . A young man pursuing his education by way of what he loved to do seemed like the ultimate life . But in his junior year of college his father informed him that dancing was fine but there was no guarantee that it would sustain and feed him . An injury could end it all ! After much consideration Joseph decide to switch his major to U . S . History .
Transitioning from studying dancing to studying history seems far fetched and uncommon , Joseph Haig was well prepared for that challenge . Just as he had been encouraged to move forward with his dance moves he also had a passion for history . At his mother ’ s request he had written the family ’ s history book . A task the he was greatly appreciative of . It was inevitable that history would become part of his life . It was a no brainer to embrace the change carrying with him inspiration from great people like Shirley Chisholm , Harriet Tubman and Nelson Mandela .
Dr . Haig received education from multiple institutions of learning . He received his degree in dancing and American Government from State University in Albany , New York . He received his Master ’ s in Administration Supervision in Providence Rhode Island . He also was a graduate of the first class of the merger between Atlanta University and Clark University . What is now known as Clark Atlanta University . Shortly thereafter his over 40 year career in education began .
The first step was taken in the DeKalb County School System at Cedar Grove High School . Dr . Haig continued his journey within Dekalb County by also serving at Dunwoody , Druid Hills High , and SW Dekalb High Schools . With great recommendation and good reputation he was able to share his knowledge in California where he served as Assistant Principal and in Rochester , New York where he served as a Principal . The journey came back around full circle to Cedar Grove where is currently continuing to educate . Adding on to his mileage of educating and grooming our future .
He says that approaching each year as if it ’ s his first one helps keep him going . It ’ s like getting a fresh tune up and oil change in preparation for a long trip .
When asked about the challenges of being an educator he mentions that discipline and respect was once a given . He indicates that with social media and other tools students have today it creates a lack of focus in the classroom . However he believes that teachers should be in control of the classroom . Even so far as the seating . From there he provides students with all the information he can so that they can be prepared not only to pass tests but to thrive in life as adults . He first focuses on citizenship and then economics . Economics is what he believes will dictate and sustain their livelihood . He says that all kids are teachable you just have meet them where they are . He is always seeking ways of innovating the minds of his students . It ’ s no surprise that he is head of the debate team where he has lead them to one state debate title . Or that he was a 2016 finalist for Teacher of the Year in the State of Georgia for Economics . As a member of the Georgia Council of Economic Education and the Federal Reserves in Atlanta he is endowed with resources to utilize in the classroom .
So how much longer will Dr . Joseph Haig grace the classroom ? That is a question that he himself could not answer . But he did leave us a hint that included a mention of a famous person by the name of Oprah Winfrey . Haig said he would love for Winfrey to attend his retirement ceremony . But there is one catch ! She will need a years advance for scheduling an attendance . So when there ’ s an acceptance from Oprah we can look forward to the retirement of Dr . Haig at least a year after .
What ’ s in store after retirement ? He plans to take it back to his family roots . “ Haig Layer ” created by his mother is the last garment that can be placed on your feet . It is a family investment that he will serve as CEO of . We wish much success in your next endeavor Dr . Thank you for your service as you continue to serve in education .