Game Changers: The Conscious Culture Men With Vision 2020 Edition - Page 33

MEN WITH VISION SPOTLIGHT Brian Strickland An example of Vision, Wisdom, and Leadership “A wise warrior is better than a strong one, and a man of knowledge than one of strength…”  Proverbs 24.5 THE MAN OF GOD, HUSBAND, FATHER & VISIONARY When you are in a position of Leadership, you must assess situations, make decisions, and deal with the consequences. Sometimes rather quickly. In a world that is so complex, rapidly changing, and uncertain, that can be a daunting task. Leaders who not only have the vision of what could be, but also the wisdom to know how to achieve that vision are the truly great leaders of our time. Brian is one of those rare Leaders who is able to chart a course toward an articulated goal that others want to follow. King Solomon said, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” Brian being someone who looked to God as a mentor during a time when none can be found, is a testament to his humility. With humility, there is an openness to learn from many different sources and to keep learning throughout life. Leadership is all about seeing and creating a brighter and better future. Brian's vision is to help Georgia become an even better place to live, work and raise a family. As a direct descendent of one of the original founders of Henry County, Brian’s roots run deep in the community. His family taught him at an early age that giving back to your community is one of the most important roles in life. Brian has taken that and made it a priority in his own life. Oftentimes, there are people who occupy positions of leadership, but their family is decimated in the process. Assessing the effect being in that position has on one’s family is a good way to determine if things are properly prioritized. Looking at Brian's family, its clear to see that it is his greatest position of leadership and one of greatest importance. He lives in McDonough, Georgia with his wife Lindsay P. Strickland, and his two sons, Charles Willis and newborn James Beecher. Brian pictured with State Rep. Pam Dickerson and Pam Brown, Post 2 representative on the Rockdale County Board of Education, during the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration in Rockdale County. Brian as the Featured Mentor at Pierre Branding Group's [email protected] Atlanta Mentoring for Leadership Luncheon Series benefiting Usher's New Look. HIS PHILOSOPHY "Integrity and honesty is what drives me. I’ve always been a person of my word. The true character of an individual is tested during difficult times. It's how you handle those times, that speaks volumes." STRICKLANDFORGEORGIA.COM GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE | 33