Game Changers: The Conscious Culture Men With Vision 2020 Edition - Page 21

Photographer - Audrey Brown Fashion Director Sieje Akime Designer - Miguel Wilson Collectio Escalade- Platinum Luxury Fleet MEN WITH VISION 2020 Body & Brains Written By Lydia Pierre Photography by Audrey Brown EMPOWERING PROFESSIONAL WOMEN TO HAVE SUCCESS IN LOVE, LIFE, AND ESPECIALLY BUSINESS. ALL WHILE BENEFITING VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & FINANCIAL ABUSE WHAT IS VISION? Vision is what we see, but it is also the way in which we see. Vision is the lens that interprets the events of our life, the way we view people and ourselves. Our minds receive images from our eyes but our heart interprets these images. This is what we call perspective. If our heart becomes bitter, jealous, hurt or in someway jaded, the lens of our heart is distorted. What we perceive is happening and what is actually going on could be two completely different things. The truth is: If you have the wrong pretext, you will misunderstand the context. In other words, we tend to see what we believe to be true. The 2020 "Men With Vision (Body & Brains)" campaign is more than a campaign. It is a movement. It is a opportunity to get high value men and high value women in the same room, in the same space, in the same mindset so that they can finally see each other and most importantly, so they can hear each other. Too often are these two groups competing with one another and trying to outwork the one another, just to prove that they don't need each other. When the reality is that if we took some time to appreciate what both groups bring to the table, We can do great things... together. So we figure we would start by creating a unique & safe space where women who are enthusiasts, professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers can ask questions & hear from the men themselves about what they see when they come in contact with a beautiful, strong, independent, boss type of woman. Then we can see where it goes from there. Introducing...Men With Vision 2020. GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE   |    21