Game Changers: The Conscious Culture Men With Vision 2020 Edition | Page 17

unity, hope and brotherhood, no matter their musical genre. The Bridge Project is my way of showing how we can build a stronger community through music.” PICTURED: Q PARKER, GINUWINE & MONTELL JORDAN Quinnes “Q” Parker is a founding member of the Grammy-winning group 112. Parker is the creator of the  Q Parker Legacy Foundation, under which he formed Brothers United of Atlanta, whose mission is to strengthen and empower men, no matter the socio- economic status. MORE ABOUT THE BRIDGE PROJECT NEW SINGLE, NEW ALBUM Album, “Q PARKER PRESENTS: The Bridge Project, Brothers United” is out June 2020 (Black Music Month) WE WANT TO GET YOU INVOLVED! Throughout this campaign, We need our fans to engage and connect with us. Become a backer by making a pledge amount to The Bridge Project, write a comment, check out our updates and send us some messages. This will be an experience you will LOVE to be a part of! Q Parker - @qparker112 Q Parker Legacy Foundation - @qparkerlegacyfoundation -  Brothers United of Atlanta - @brothersunitedatlCouples United of Atlanta - @couplesunitedatlSisters United of Atlanta - @sistersunitedatl Official Bridge Project - @officialbridgeproject - PHOTOGRAPHER CREDIT: CLEARLY FOCUSED MEDIA WORKS