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5 Basic Tips for Healthy locs BEAUTY CORNER KEEP YOUR LOCS HEALTHY & LOOKING GOOD WITH THESE TIMELESS TIPS FROM TRANZITIONS SALON Gersende "Gerber" Charles Written by Gersende "Gerber" Charles 1 Co-founder of Tranzitions Salon in Philadelphia Find a good Loctician Your journey to healthy luscious locs starts with finding a great loctician or a salon home that could give you helpful advice and healthy products recommendations. Having a real conversation with your stylist about your hair desires is crucial to years of long and healthy locs. A good stylist shares important details specifically geared to your hair needs and lifestyle. 2 Starter Locs Starter locs can begin in many different forms. This includes coils/comb twist, two strand twist, individual plaits and loc extensions. There is no right or wrong way to start locs, but the parting systems that are most commonly used for starting locs are the square parting system, diamond parting system, crescent parting system, and the organic parting system. The diamond parting system is one of the more advanced parting systems and is highly recommended as it will will show the least amount of scalp. 3 Products Using the right products for your locs is just as important as what you feed your body. Stay away from products that cause build up with heavy waxes and alcohol. Tranzitions Aloe vera gel is a setting and a non-stiffing gel. Aloe gel has vitamin C and A and also promotes shiny healthy hair. 4 5 Enjoy the Journey! Locking your hair is a journey, and a little different for each person. When clients asked me how Long will my locs take to fully lock. I would tell them that locking is your own personal journey. Take care of it and it will manifest into long and beautiful locs. Don’t get discouraged. Discuss all of your hair care questions to your your stylist. Good luck! Visit for products Hair Care after Coloring Men with Locs have definitely been more bold with expressing their style with coloring their locs. From a wide range of platinum blondes to vibrant blues, reds and greens. Keeping your chemically treated mane moisturized is a number one key to healthy hair care. The best way to lock in the moisture is to first spray on Tranzitions leave-in condition/Hair freshener on to the locs. once locs are moistened then apply Tranzitions Organic Hair and body Oil to your scalp and add a lil bit to the palm of your hands and work the oil to the tips of your locs. Then massage scalp for about 3 to 5 minutes to stimulate hair growth. GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE | 41