Game Changers: The Conscious Culture Men With Vision 2020 Edition | Page 4

GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE  |   6 For many years people have been asking me why I don't date in Atlanta and the answer was quite simple: I couldn’t find someone that added value to what I did or stand for. I wanted something more than a cute guy with a nice car who lived in a nice place. I wanted a High Value Man with substance and purpose. Someone who cares about the community he lives in and the influence he has on others. Someone who wants to empower the opposite sex as opposed to just conquering them. A man with goals...a Man with Vision.  However, I also came to understand that in order to attract these kind of high value men, you have to position yourself as a high value woman. So I took time to work on myself all the while observing how men move, asking questions and then...listening. Lydia Pierre Guest Chief Content & Creative Officer WELCOME Cool to SEE you in this vision issue. I’d like to welcome you all to the Men With Vision issue of Game Changers Magazine. Pierre Branding Group teamed up with Game Changers Magazine to present "The Men With Vision Issue" which features the gentlemen of the Men With Vision 2020: Body and Brains Campaign on the Cover. This magazine will serve as an extension of my interest in helping change the way Professional Men and Professional Women interact with one another by featuring articles written about some of the men I’ve come to know over my nearly 8 years of living in Atlanta. Some through work, some through colleagues, and maybe...just maybe...some through dating attempts. I realized that if you take a moment to really listen to what a mans says, you will eventually hear his true inner thoughts. But you have to listen, be slow to speak, don't cut him off, and actually let him talk. Embrace the pauses in the conversation and you will find that he will fill them. You won't always like what he says, but at least you might understand him better and SEE where he is coming from. Then from that position, with the information you have gathered, you can make an informed decision about your next move. That is empowerment. So in this issue, and throughout the Men With Vision 2020 Campaign, I am proud to be working with men who are doing their best to empower Professional Women to have success in love, life and especially business by simply being open and willing to answer questions and share their perspective in those areas with ladies who want to see it through their eyes with their vision. Anyways, Now that we got the deep stuff out of the way... We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did creating it. And remember to Observe. Ask. Listen.