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Patrick is no stranger to hard work. "When it comes to the woman I want On an average day, he may see by my side, I would like her to be between 15-30 patients. While a somebody who is loyal, truthful, and good portion of the day is spent she must have faith. Somebody that with routine procedures, there are is able to take care of home. new patients to be assessed and Patrick strongly believes that "Hard work pays off". When you work hard you Someone of good stewardship, reap great benefits from diagnosed, exams to perform, focused on furthering us as partners, reassessing patient progress, and furthering the family, prospering your efforts.  He strives to updating treatment each other. Making each other recommendations. whole. But also, being a woman that never be one to say “I is grounded in faith means a lot Unless you are a chiropractor for a because that person also knows celebrity or sports star, the life of what to do when things get tough a chiropractor isn’t a glamorous and it goes without saying." regret”, or “I wish I had more time”. He believes that when you do your one, but it is a fulfilling career. Despite the difficulty and hard wish I could redo”, “I With all this in mind, and being part best, there is no reason to work necessary to get their of a millennial culture that is more degrees, they are very satisfied interested in looks, cars, clothes, with their jobs and find their and money than the idea or concept profession meaningful. Patrick is of settling down, when asked if no exception. marriage was for him his response have realistic goals to attain. was, "Marriage is for me. I just need Goals that pertain to your life, When asked what was the most to find the right person. Someone your lifestyle and what you difficult obstacle that he had to with balance. actually have all while aspiring overcome in order to be the you need to have faith. Now myself, to more and having steps and successful businessman he is I feel that I have balance in my processes in place to get today, his response was: relationships and balance in my life. there." To have that balance, think otherwise. That particular relationship... I have "At times, it seems the hardest not yet found, but that is because I When asked what his personal thing to overcome is your peers feel I haven’t found the person that definition of success is and how and the people who are around has that balance as well." he will know he achieved it, he you. Especially the ones who drain responded saying, "Success to you and tend to bring you down, When it comes to his future, he me would be to have a great making you feel like your next believes that while the roles of family that I am able to take move is not the right move. They others may influence and play a care and they sit back and reap don't always have your best factor, ultimately it is up to you to what I have given them. That interest at heart, and being able see where you want to be and do would be success for me." to discern who is for you is key. But what is necessary to get there. "I at the end of the day, you become have done everything that I said I who you are meant to be, and was going to do. It is about your those same people who were word. It's not about making excuses Patrick’s office is located in the discouraging you are the same for not having the tools. You can City of Stockbridge. The Paulk people with their hands out trying find the tools to do it, but you have Clinic provides comprehensive to ask for something. I come to be able to first visualize what you services to help patients across a lot of people that can't want in order to make it happen. If manage personal injury pain. get past that. you don’t, you will be stuck in the Neck, back, and other types of survivor's guilt and they fail same place that you are, looking joint and muscle pain are because they want to take care of around and thinking perception is common after a personal injury.  everyone that’s around them your reality. instead of taking care of way your life is playing out you can The Paulk Clinic  themselves. And it hurts, it does." always take charge. You are in 9905 N Davidson Pkwy., Ste 107  control of your story." Stockbridge, Georgia 30281 It's as if they have With such a busy schedule, If you don't like the it is a wonder that someone in Patrick's He believes that is what being a position even has time to date. Man With Vision is about. "You have And while this may be the case, as a man of faith and tradition, he is very clear on what he wants in a woman. Issue 27 | 234 to have a plan and a future planned out for you." he said, "You have to GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE | 29