Game Changers: The Conscious Culture Men With Vision 2020 Edition | Page 19

@SLEEPYGREEN And it didn't stop at the parties. It turned in to a brand that can live through what is now his No-Sleep Lifestyle" clothing brand as well. " It worked out for me in a branding perspective. I felt people always see my face and I should have something recognizable associated with the brand which was the no sleep lifestyle clothing line." He wears this brand everywhere he goes and has been able to have the support of some pretty well-known people wear it as well. Diddy, for example wore his brand on stage, NFL and NBA players and actors have also worn his apparel --It has become a movement. "Now all my parties are No Sleep Lifestyle parties with No Sleep Lifestyle clothing. That’s marketing 101, everything is branded under the same umbrella." He even started a weekend called No-Sleep South Beach with a partner of his, Curtis L. Eddleton (Curt Boogie). "This weekend took a usual party of 30 to 40 people to thousands of people which allowed us to generate more revenue. And it took the brand to a whole new level." "I have a corporate full-time job where I manage 47 hospitals as an IT director. I also have the clothing line where I comp and fulfill orders myself. I also have four events a week in Atlanta, which involves me partying here and there with people, creating VIP sections, and I have to do all the marketing and all the flyers and all things behind the scenes. And on top of that, I started a trucking company and own two 18 wheeler trucks where were transport freight all across the U.S. I am also the Creative Marketing Director, and part owner of Milk and Honey Restaurant at Cascade. I handle all the interviews and all the publications. Everything on the marketing side. I am also part owner of Medusa Lounge located on Buford Highway. On top of that, we have the No Sleep South Beach weekend which takes a year to plan and has grown from a few hundred people to over 2,500 people coming to Miami. That is 6 events spread out over four days. I do all the contracts, I go back and forth for the venues and check on the talent. Now he has several business all while still working full-time in corporate America. I am constantly answering questions and I feel if you have a vision, goals, and a plan you can accomplish anything. To me, that makes you a Man With Vision. taking calls from all the customers. So, I don’t really have time to sleep, but I enjoy it. This is what I like to do. I like to stay busy and stay active and I like to be hands on." When asked what it meant to him to be a Man With Vision, he replied, "Being a Man With Vision means being a role model for your community, and inspiring your friends, family and even strangers to want more out of life and enjoy life. Also showing others the blueprint of how you can have a vision, goals, and dreams, and how you can achieve them by working hard to do it. I truly enjoy inspiring people. I truly enjoy life and having fun and I even enjoy the trials and tribulations that comes with it all and showing them that you can make it through, if you have a plan and vision." GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE   |    19