Game Changers: The Conscious Culture Men With Vision 2020 Edition | Page 13

GAME CHANGERS MAGAZINE  | 13 The subjects enlightened beforehand gives an insight to the importance of a man of faith being grounded in his Christian faith in order to lead his family with a clear vision. The same tenacity is needed when dealing with the matters of finances. The American Psychological Association statistics state that 40 to 50% of Americans married in the United States end up in divorce. This statistic is very heart breaking to everyone around the world that are married or to those that still believe in the institution of marriage. Amongst the high percentages of divorces one repetitive issue is, finances. Unfortunately, not enough conversation concerning finances are being discussed amongst seriously dating couples. It is important that a couple contemplating marriage should discuss financial matters pertaining to credit scores, income to debt ratio, outstanding debt, assets, liabilities and etc. Failure to discuss these pertinent subjects can lead to major issues later on in a marriage. It is imperative that a couple discovers who is the strongest when dealing with matters of the household finances. Regardless if a couple is wealthy or middle-class, a budget should be discussed amongst couples. It is essential that a couple that has financial goals communicate their goals and have a plan with milestones to achieve them. Financial abuse is no stranger amongst married couples. One spouse can easily take advantage of the other if there are not clearly defined guidelines and boundaries on how to manage spending and acquiring new debt. A spouse that accumulates debt on another spouses’ account and makes late payments on the account or does not have a sound intention to pay back the debt can be perceived as a form of financial abuse. All in all, when it comes to the matter of faith family and finances, the crucial ingredient for success is effective communication and proper planning. It is important for Christians to first have an open dialogue with their heavenly father concerning their potential love interests, their spouse, and or their children. Faith should be intertwined in all aspects of a believer’s life. Communication is also important amongst the couple. Couples should communicate about their faith and beliefs, if and how to raise their family and also how to manage their finances. The better we communicate, the better we communicate! May God bless all those that read this. Geraldine Andre is a business college professor and has earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management as well as her Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management. Geraldine is a motivational speaker, a wife and mother of two energetic boys. Geraldine continues to coach and develop others for success through her family of businesses, Regal Enterprises.