Gadgets and Gizmos November 2017 - Page 4

Apple Clips 2.0 Apple’s movie-mAking App for iPhone and iPad, Clips, has received a major update – a redesigned UI, new artistic effects and Star Wars content. The app has also introduced Selfie Scenes for iPhone X, a feature that plac- es the user into an animated, 360-degree scene when recording selfies. The Clips 2.0 is already available for update on the App Store and will work on iPhone 5s or later models, iPad Air and iPad mini 2 and later models, running iOS 11 and later. Using iPhoneX's TrueDepth camera system, Selfie Scenes transports users into bustling cities, serene landscapes, abstract paintings and more. This is a full 360-degree experience, which surrounds users on all sides as they move. Currently, there are 10 Apple-designed scenes, featuring unique locations, characters, colours and visual styles plus two scenes from ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. The redesigned UI comes with four prominent options – Scenes, Camera, Library and Posters. Other features such as Live Tiles are placed on the left of the record icon, while labels, stickers and emojis are clubbed on the right. Labeled buttons make it easier than ever to edit Live Titles, add or change filters, trim, mute and delete clips. There are new artistic effects, too, that use advanced machine learning and style transfer technology to turn any photo or video into an oil painting, vibrant water-colour or elegant pencil sketch in real time while recording. There are 16 new Apple-designed stickers and 21 new royalty-free soundtracks from indie artistes. 2