FY18 Annual Report NTFB Annual Report 2018 - Page 7

NTFB has provided free culinary and nutrition education since 1996. Nutrition Services: NTFB is active in the community, teaching low-income families how to purchase and prepare nutritious meals on a budget through educational workshops, and partners with community garden locations to obtain fresh, locally-grown produce. Senior Programs: Seniors make up nearly 15 percent of NTFB’s total clients. As our senior population continues to grow, so does the number of older Americans who struggle with food insecurity. NTFB’s programs feed more than 8,000 seniors each month.  SNAP: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is one of the nation’s most important defenses against hunger. Our team helps people find the resources they need.  NTFB’s unique role during Mass Care Task Force activation is to immediately provide food, beverages and assistance in applying for emergency social services during the initial days of response. NTFB aims to collaborate with community organizations in high-need areas where agencies have limited or no capacity for refrigeration and/or freezer storage. Annual Report FY 2018 North Texas neighbors who don’t live near traditional food pantries are able to access nutritious foods from the NTFB Mobile Pantry. North Texas Food Bank 7