FY18 Annual Report NTFB Annual Report 2018 - Page 12

BY THE NUMBERS HOW WE USE OUR RESOURCES Fundraising 4% Management 2% WHERE OUR FOOD GOES Other Food Banks 2% Child Programs 3% Senior Programs 4% Mobile Pantries 7% Operations 94% Partner Agencies 83% WHERE OUR FOOD COMES FROM WHERE OUR FUNDING COMES FROM Organizations 8% Purchased 9% Foundations 8% Government 17% Agencies 10% Donations 74% The food we distribute: Annual Report FY 2018 Individuals 31% Government 18% Corporations 25% The Food Bank has a focus on providing access to healthy foods. In FY18, NTFB increased distribution of both fresh produce and protein; distributing more than 26 million pounds of produce and more than 7 million pounds of protein. North Texas Food Bank 12