FY18 Annual Report NTFB Annual Report 2018 - Page 11

VOLUNTEERS In FY18, some 40,000 volunteers contributed more than 121,000 hours. Millions of meals are distributed through our Partner Agencies and feeding programs thanks to our distribution center volunteers. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Food Bank. We are grateful for their time and commitment to our mission. WHERE VOLUNTEERS DONATE THEIR TIME n WAREHOUSE One hour of donated time is worth almost 12 dollars or the equivalent of almost 36 meals. n MOBILE PANTRIES n EVENTS n AND MORE! More than 1,000 community organizations and businesses throughout North Texas host canned food drives each year. Volunteer Spotlight: The Indian American Council of the North Texas Food Bank The Indian American Council of the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB IAC) was formed in September 2017 to raise awareness, improve engagement and encourage active volunteering as well as channel resources and contributions of the Indian American community towards NTFB’s mission of a hunger- free community. Founded and led by Aradhana (Anna) and Raj Asava, the IAC committed to raising food and funds for the Food Bank through the Million Meal March. A little less than a year after inception, the IAC has raised one million meals and counting! In the spirit of “give where you live,” the IAC strives for the Indian American community to be recognized as a leader in the fight against hunger in North Texas. With a rally cry of “Hunger Mitao!” which translates to “wipe-out hunger,” they hope to expand efforts to other communities and regions, broadening their reach to wipe out hunger in North Texas and beyond. The IAC aims to mobilize the vibrant Indian American community to actively volunteer and raise food and funds for NTFB. Annual Report FY 2018 North Texas Food Bank 11