FWYC Letter Log October 2019 - Page 4

Letter Log September 2019 30° 25.60’N 86° 35.58’W Vice Commodore's Report We have new picnic tables on the gazebo. Let’s all to do our part in keeping the tables and areas clean and in good condition, and we will enjoy them for years to come. Our Sunrise Lanai and east side boardwalk are in grave need of repair. The Sunrise Lanai was installed originally under PC Dave Vaughan’s instruction in 2005, and has been enjoyed by many people since. Unfortunately, we are not prepared financially at this time to provide for full replacement, due to the many repairs and replacement activities during the year. However, we will begin replacing a minor portion of the walkway within the month. Due to the degradation, all of us should keep clear of the boardwalk and lanai until the replacement is complete. Volunteers are always needed for these projects, please lend a helping hand if you are able. Keep an eye on the Weekly Email for dates to help. See you around the club, Shari Seaton 2019 Vice Commodore FWYC 4