FWYC Letter Log January 2019 - Page 2

Fort Walton Yacht Club Letter Log JANUARY 2019 30° 25.60’N 86° 35.58’W Commodore’s Corner By Commodore Craig Stoldt email: commodore@fwyc.org HAPPY NEW YEAR! I want to extend a big Thank You to our 2018 Commodore Faye Black. Faye steered the club with the determination to leave the club a better place than when she took office. She kept the best interests of the club first in her decisions and actions. I feel that I have inherited a vibrant, active and for- ward moving organization. Her help over the last few weeks in ensuring I understood how things are being done and by whom will make the entry to this position much easier. Thank You, Faye. Those who know me know that I have been an engineering manager for many years. That role required that decisions be made on input from my staff that had technical skills in certain areas far exceeding mine. I am sure that this is the same at FWYC. Thus, I encourage you to communicate with me regard- ing the good, bad & ugly that you experience at the club. I am not prone to instant decisions, but rather weigh data and along with my own perceptions of what this club should be will form an agenda of how to move forward. I cannot say that I have a specific agenda. Rather, I hope to encourage open interaction amongst all members to move this wonderful institution forward. Communication rather than inuen- do is the key to this happening. Please don’t let things fester. Let’s talk, let the governing body make decisions and move forward as an entity. As I write this, I am still amazed at the number of people that give their time and ener- gy for the betterment of the club. People show up when work days are scheduled, when they see a need and when they are asked directly based on their known skills. This is what makes FWYC a club, not just a business entity. Just this past month, we had an “almost member” (awaiting his second read), step forward and fix the main dock damage from hurricane Michael. Give a hearty thanks to Clay Duhon when you see him. Others are at the club and notice smaller things amiss and just take care of it rather than writing a work order (please DO use these for larger issues so the need for action is known). As Vice Commodore, I was asked to compile a list of peo- ple to be recognized at the upcoming Awards and Change of Watch ceremony. I had to search through albums of pictures to recall all who helped through the year. I’m sure I have missed several who quietly go about making the club a better place for us all. Thanks to all for a great year & continue to feel pride in your ownership in the well-being of this institution. Thank you for the trust you have placed in me. -- Craig Stoldt 2