Fusion 10th Anniversary Magazine 1 | Page 3

In 2007 , the adventure race Fusion was birthed in Trinidad and Tobago as a means of promoting the sport which hosted fourteen ( 14 ) teams that year and grew to participation by over one hundred ( 100 ) teams annually ; Fusion VIII in 2014 marked the first year that Fusion ventured out of Trinidad to Tobago with 84 teams .
The event , which recognises three categories , namely male , female and mixed , takes competitors through mountain trails and other terrain , offering the opportunity for persons to discover the veiled treasures of the island from a unique perspective . Additionally , it offers intrigue as participants are only informed of what is required of them at each successive stage ; emphasis is placed on teamwork , rather than individual achievement . Pushing the limits of endurance , successful teams of four ( 4 ) band together to overcome and adapt to the challenges set before them both physically and mentally ; it is a platform for personal development in a fun and positive team environment .
This event tests team spirit , ingenuity , skill and commitment while exploring the boundaries of what ’ s possible by pushing oneself physically and mentally . Managed and coordinated by Fusion Adventures , our slogan - “ When you cross the finish line , you ’ ll know a little more about yourself ” aptly represents Fusion ’ s objectives .
A keystone of all of Fusion ’ s activities is a reputation for safety . Through extensive event planning , experience and teamwork , we ensure delivery of a safe event with high standard and a strong sense of fun with camaraderie .
Fusion ’ s healthy following is clearly evident from the website visits at www . fusionadventurerace . com and its fan page on the social network Facebook with more than 38,000 likes . Its ever growing popularity has attracted organizers of other regional and internationally recognized adventure races to use Fusion to market their races . The sport and the event have grown significantly ; however , there is ample room for continued growth which can positively benefit sponsors , participants and the Caribbean .