FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 8

FACT FILE : Sir Isaac Newton BORN: 1643 (Recorded as Christmas Day 1642 by those using the older Julian calendar!) DIED: 1727 (1726, Julian calendar) NATIONALITY: English GIFTED IN: Physics, Astronomy, Maths, Philosophy FAMOUS FOR: AWARDS: • • • • “Discovering gravity” Newton’s three laws of motion Splitting white light into a rainbow Calculus Queen Anne knighted Newton in 1705. He was only the second scientist after Sir Francis Bacon to become a ‘Sir’. (Previous knighthoods rewarded only military service.) FAMOUS FACT/ FICTION: The story goes that one warm evening, Newton drank tea under the shade of some apple trees. An apple dropped and Newton asked himself why apples always fell downwards as though to a central point. He realised there was a physical force at work and named it “gravity”. FUN FACT: Principia is the name of Tim Peake’s 20152016 International Space Station mission. Principia is also the name of Newton’s revolutionary manuscript describing the laws of motion, universal gravitation and how gravity holds the solar system’s planets in their orbits. FINANCIAL FACT : From 1978-1988, Sir Isaac Newton’s picture 8 FUSE appeared on the Bank of England’s £1 note. The £1 note was withdrawn from circulation after the introduction of the £1 coin in 1983. FOUR-PAWED FABLE: It is said that one day when Newton was about 50 years old, his muchloved dog, Diamond, knocked over a burning candle. 20 years of Newton’s work and experiments went up in flames and it took almost a whole year to fully put back together his theory of gravity. -Bad doggy! CHECK OUT: • • • • • iSCIENCE: GRAVITY & MICROGRAVITY iWORLD: EGGS IN HISTORY THINKING SKILLS: EGGHEAD HEROES COOL WEBLINKS FUSE SUMMER 2015: iSCIENCE, P8/9