FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 7

iMATHS eggs-tra data Q: What Maths things do you know about eggs? A: “An egg is a 3D shape with no corners. It is smooth (–you can't feel any big bumps). Normally an egg has red numbers printed on it that give you information and say where it came from.” Image © British Egg Information Service Going at g-force! F=ma : Newton’s second law says the force (F) acting on an object = its mass (m) times its acceleration (a). Near the surface of the Earth, the acceleration towards the ground (caused by gravity alone) of an object is called “normal gravity”, or 1g. This is equal to 9.807 m/s2. Poppy, Fuser, age 9 Red numbers? Aha! We found this cool diagram egg-specially for Fusers who love collecting data. Under European law, eggs tested to be of the highest quality can be labelled as 'Class A'. Class A eggs must be coded as in this diagram (and the air sac inside must measure less than 6mm deep). British Lion eggs also have a best-before date on the shell and carry the Lion logo. Have you ever decoded the data recorded on your eggs before? It's fascinating! Cool Weblinks, p19, lists where you can use this data to calculate the 'food miles' you