FUSE Spring 2016 - Page 3

LIBROPHILIA! All sorts of Books for all sorts of Bookworms Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian Published by Puffi n Classics Set during World War Two, the book of Goodnight Mr Tom is now a modern classic. It has been adapted for film and a theatre production that is touring London and the UK in 2016. If you like emotional ‘period drama’, you will be totally gripped. Our FUSE friend Alex says: “I read Goodnight Mr Tom as a class reading book at school and I did enjoy it, although it is very sad. It helped me understand more about war. When I remembered what we read about the Hitler Youth it helped me see that although fighting often sounds quite exciting, it’s actually really scary and more complicated than I thought. I liked the ending of the book and was glad William found a home.” DYSLEXIA-FRIENDLY The next two books have been designed to make reading more fun if you have dyslexia. The paper colour, page layouts, fonts and even the stories themselves were tested by children before being finally printed. We particularly like that they have kept so many illustrations. (Also great to read if you don't have dyslexia!) Dragon! by Hilary McKay Published by Barrington Stoke We liked this book because it’s a bit of fun that matches our springtime eggs theme! Max lives with his Aunt who “was definitely a witch”! -What drama and chaos will happen when Max is left in charge of a real dragon’s egg..? Running from the Rainbow by Karen McCombie Published by Barrington Stoke This friendly story follows a girl through her worries about changing schools and making new friends. Everything works out well in the end and she finds she can even handle the BIG secret she had been sure “would ruin her life for ever it if got out”. Running from the Rainbow fits this FUSE perfectly as we keep our lives colourful and learn Thinking Skills about Change (p16). Also available as an ebook on the TINTS app (See Cool Weblinks, p19) FUSE 3